About the Bastards

(LtoR) Paul, Brad, Justin, Len, Anna, Ali

Who are they?

The core group is a trio that can expand to 6 or more players.  They are (left to right): Paul Castellanos, Brad Rehn, Justin Helland, Len Crowley, Anna Stasia Roberts and Ali Gilmore.

Paul, Brad and Len are former members of the SoCal Irish band, “Brehon Law” that originated in Boston and was re-established in Cali by Ned Giblin in 2000, which disbanded when Ned and his wife returned to Ireland in 2012.  Justin and Anna are classically trained musicians with a passion for Irish music. Ali is the band’s Rep, who also happens to be a singer/songwriter and does a version of 7 Drunken Nights with a clever twist…


Brehon Law 2012 – (LtoR) Paul Castellanos, Brad Rehn, Johnny Dawson, Ned Giblin, Len Crowley.

How did the Bastard Sons of Ned Giblin come to be?

Picture a pub in Carlsbad village, up on the bar stools are Justin on the left, Paul on the right and Ali in the middle.  Pints of Guinness in front of ‘em.  Justin says “I want to start an Irish band.”  Paul says “I miss the days of playing with Ned.”  Ali says “Me three. I’ll bet Brad would jump at the chance to play that music again, Len too…” which led to a text to Brad saying “We’re getting a band together and practice is at your house Sunday after next.”  At the end of the first practice all agreed they had a good thing.  Ali said she’d like to help get the band off the ground, but it needs a name.  Paul leaps in with “Well, that’s easy.  Bastard Sons of Ned Giblin, of course.”  And that’s how it all started!

What do they play?

It depends on the gig.

If it’s at an Irish pub, then mostly traditional Irish music, with a mix of English and Scottish songs, but the Bastards are adept at playing all kinds of music from Folk, Americana, Celtic and even some Spanish guitar.

The trio (depending on demand and availability) is any combination of:
Paul: Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin (basically every string instrument known to man)
Justin: Vocals, Guitar Mandolin, Tin Flute
Brad: Drums
Len: Bodhran
Anna: Vocals, Fiddle
Ali: Vocals, Guitar

Where do they play?

Because of multiple commitments to other creative projects, the band has limited performances to a select few festivals, private gigs and charity events each year.  All band members have already accomplished the original goal of heading out to Ireland and playing music again with Ned. Next goal? To book a gig that would entice Ned to come back for a reunion in California…

Do they have fake Irish accents and pretend to be “Irish”?

Jayzuz, Mary and St. Nick, no.  This isn’t that kind of Band.  They are all Yanks whose roots trace back to Ireland, Scotland and/or England.  They believe that culture shouldn’t die out just because their families crossed the pond “a long time ago.”

How can I book them for a  gig?

Check out their rates on the Book the Bastards page, then give Ali (their Rep) a shout via email: gigs@thebastardsonsofnedgiblin.com or by msg on their Facebook page.

You’ll also find them on www.gigsalad.com.

Can I follow them on Facebook and Twitter?

Yup, and we’d love to have you join them, so just click on the links just below there!