Anna Stasia

Anna colorAnna is too classy and quite obviously a girl, so we have bestowed upon her the title of “Distant Cousin” as in “The Bastard Sons and a (lovely) Distant Cousin.”
Anna pursued alternative styles of music in addition to her Classical music education. She studied Jazz at SDSU and formed a Jazz trio with her siblings. In the summer of 2012, her passion for Celtic music took her to Seattle to study Scottish Fiddling with Brandon Vance, two-time winner of the National Scottish Fiddling Championship and graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music. In January 2013, she returned to San Diego where she performs frequently and pursues various styles of music. Anna is a very welcomed guest member of the band and steps in whenever our “Greedy Bastard” Paul is on the road with one of his many other bands.
Have a listen to Anna playing the fiddle here: