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Live Irish Music in San Diego, California
When you hire the bastards for a gig, expect quality musicianship accompanied by lighthearted on stage banter and audience participation (clapping, singing along). Often with guest artists joining them on stage for a song or two, ensuring no two shows are ever exactly alike.
Embrace the laws set down by Ned; keep the heart light, the Guinness flowing, the gig professional and be of the mindset that all are welcome.
Because of multiple commitments to other creative projects, the band is limiting their availability exclusively to a select few festivals, private gigs and charity events each year.
Justin Helland on vocals, guitar and mandolin, Brad Rehn on Drums, Len Crowley on Bodhran and Paul Castellanos on fiddle, guitar and mandolin.  On occasion joined by Anna Stasia Roberts on the fiddle and Ali Gilmore on guitar and vocals.
Rates are based on a minimum of 3 players (up to 6 available upon request) with 3 hour gig (45 minutes of play, 15 minute break, etc.)
Festivals & Private Events: $1,800-$6,000
Travel fees incur if gig is over 1 hour’s drive from Oceanside, Ca.
(according to google maps)
Private Events/Weddings/Wakes: Contact us for details


Can’t afford these rates? Band rates are based on a fair assessment of experience, product value and proven track record for increased business during our performances.  If you truly can’t afford these rates, make us a sincere offer and we’ll definitely give it sincere consideration.

Cash is king. However, we also accept PayPal/Major credit cards and checks (we prefer credit card transaction to checks whenever possible).  We’re also open to partial trade of product/services.

50% deposit required at the time of booking.  Balance due in full by date of performance.

Email Ali Gilmore at:
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