Buy em A Pint

Remember those nights in the pub and how cool it was to send a round up to the band?  You’d watch the waitress bring ’em a round and point over to you.  They’d nod and raise their glass in appreciation and you’d raise yours back…

Want to wish one or all of the bastards well on their next gig or to enjoy a pint after a long practice session? Live far off or can’t make it in person to their next gig?

Now you can send them that much appreciated round. They’ll do the next best thing to being there and post a pic of that moment on their Facebook page, raising their pints in thanks to you.


How it works:

  • order here or on the Facebook page

  • click on the option you want (pint or round)

  • enter who from

  • who to

  • when you want it delivered*

  • any special message you want to add

You’ll immediately be emailed a receipt.  All transactions are secured through PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.  All pics/thank you’s will be posted within 24 hours of receipt of said lovely pints.

* The fine print: We promised our moms we wouldn’t get pished at gigs, so in case the clouds part, the angels sing and there’s an overflow of orders on a given date, the bastards reserve the right to either roll the pint/round over to the next available gig/rehearsal or share their good fortune with our beloved band rep Ali and/or guest artists who join in the gig.

buy-em-a-pint-high-five          buy-em-a-round