fiddleOur “Greedy Bastard” Paul loves music so much that he is in over a dozen bands around San Diego. He started playing violin at age ten and performed in theater productions that his acting family was involved in. He played in the civic youth orchestra from ages 11 to 15. He started Mandolin at age 11 and guitar at age 12.
Paul was lucky to have theory harmony and voice leading in high school before it was taken out. This enabled him to test for and receive music scholarships. He graduated Grove School in Los Angeles in 1987 and started playing jazz with Clockwork orchestra and guitar with Philip Littell of the LA Opera.
In 1984, Paul walked into Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Los Angeles answering an ad on the wall for musicians in Jones Irish store on Vine. He fell in love with the band and the scene and started playing in the house band from ‘89 to ‘92.
Paul started doing road work with a band on A&M Records, coming home in-between to play with the Young Dubliners, Ken Oakley and Garrison White.
In ’93 Paul got into Country music, moved to Vegas and followed the Bastard sons of Johnny Cash back to San Diego. Since arriving, he has played 6 years at Legoland, 5 years at the San Diego Zoo and 2 years Sea World.
Paul met Ned Giblin the year he moved to San Diego, but didn’t start playing with Brehon Law until after a three year, six night gig at Dublin Square in downtown San Diego.
The rest is history as they say, rightfully drowned in Guinness.
Paul is descended from the Grahams of the Highlands of Scotland and Antrim, Ireland.
Looking for more Paul time? He also plays in two local favorite bands, Highland Way and the Clay Colton Band.