Wear us Around

We now have a limited stock of  Unisex M-XL  T-shirts we sell at our gigs. $20.

Don’t live in or around San Diego, but you want to get your hands on our tees?

You’re a local who wants more choices in size and color?

To keep the tees affordable (a shoestring budget is big to us),
we order them from the local shop who gives us a deal if we buy a minimum of 12 at a time.

Orders are placed on the 1st of each month (unless we get an order of 12 before that).
Printing takes 7-10 business days, then Tees that are shipped via USPS First Class.
To show our appreciation for your patience, we’ll include FREE SHIPPING within the US/Canada.
Want to ship it further?  Buy 2 or more and we’ll ship ’em FREE anywhere in the world :-).

The bastard sons of ned giblin tee shirts